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Personal Computing Devices refers to equipment an individual owns and can personalize with their choices for information about transportation networks. An Internet–connected PC is an example.


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Physical Objects

Personal Information Device

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescription
Personal Interactive Traveler Information'Personal Interactive Traveler Information' provides traffic information, road conditions, transit information, yellow pages (traveler services) information, special event information, and other traveler information that is specifically tailored based on the traveler's request and/or previously submitted traveler profile information. It also supports interactive services that support enrollment, account management, and payments for transportation services. The interactive traveler information capability is provided by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.
Personal Local Route Guidance'Personal Local Route Guidance' provides multi–modal route planning and transition by transition route guidance capabilities that are self–contained on the personal device. It provides autonomous route guidance in the absence of real–time information or factors in real–time information provided by the infrastructure into its route selection and guidance algorithms if available. It also includes truly autonomous systems that are not configured to receive or process any external data. The route guidance capabilities are hosted on personal devices including smart phones, tablets, and personal computers.
Personal Location Determination'Personal Location Determination' receives current location information and provides this information to other applications that use the location information to provide guidance and emergency notification services. It interfaces with and encapsulates positioning technology such as a GPS receiver that is embedded in the user's device.
Personal Traveler Information Reception'Personal Traveler Information Reception' receives formatted traffic advisories, road conditions, traffic regulations, transit information, broadcast alerts, and other general traveler information broadcasts and presents the information to the traveler. The traveler information broadcasts are received by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.
Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance'Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance' provides a personalized trip plan to the traveler. The trip plan is calculated based on preferences and constraints supplied by the traveler and provided to the traveler for confirmation. Coordination may continue during the trip so that the route plan can be modified to account for new information. Many equipment configurations are possible including systems that provide a basic trip plan to the traveler as well as more sophisticated systems that can provide transition by transition guidance to the traveler along a multi–modal route with transfers. Devices represented by this functional object include desktop computers at home, work, or at major trip generation sites, plus personal devices such as tablets and smart phones.

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