Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Boulder CityOwnsBoulder Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsBoulder Field Equipment
OwnsBoulder JMC
OwnsBoulder MCO Vehicles
OwnsBoulder Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsBoulder Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsBoulder Public Works
OwnsBoulder Rail Wayside Equipment
Bureau of ReclamationOwnsBureau of Reclamation
City of HendersonOwnsHenderson Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsHenderson EOC
OwnsHenderson Field Equipment
OwnsHenderson JMC
OwnsHenderson MCO Vehicles
OwnsHenderson Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsHenderson Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsHenderson Public Works
OwnsHenderson Rail Wayside Equipment
City of Las VegasOwnsLas Vegas Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsLas Vegas Electric Charging Stations
OwnsLas Vegas EOC
OwnsLas Vegas Field Equipment
OwnsLas Vegas JMC
OwnsLas Vegas MCO Vehicles
OwnsLas Vegas Parking Infrastructure
OwnsLas Vegas Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsLas Vegas Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsLas Vegas Public Works
OwnsLas Vegas Rail Wayside Equipment
City of MesquiteOwnsMesquite Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsMesquite Field Equipment
OwnsMesquite JMC
OwnsMesquite MCO Vehicles
OwnsMesquite Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsMesquite Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsMesquite Public Works
OwnsMesquite Rail Wayside Equipment
City of North Las VegasOwnsNorth Las Vegas Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsNorth Las Vegas EOC
OwnsNorth Las Vegas Field Equipment
OwnsNorth Las Vegas JMC
OwnsNorth Las Vegas MCO Vehicles
OwnsNorth Las Vegas Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsNorth Las Vegas Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsNorth Las Vegas Public Works
OwnsNorth Las Vegas Rail Wayside Equipment
Clark CountyOwnsClark County 911 Dispatch
OwnsClark County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsClark County Coroner Dispatch
OwnsClark County EOC
OwnsClark County Field Equipment
OwnsClark County JMC
OwnsClark County MCO Vehicles
OwnsClark County Parking Infrastructure
OwnsClark County Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsClark County Public Works
OwnsClark County Rail Wayside Equipment
OwnsOther Transport Services
Clark County Department of AviationOwnsMcCarran Airport Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsMcCarran Airport Field Equipment
OwnsMcCarran Airport Parking Infrastructure
OwnsMcCarran Airport TMC
Clark County Dept of Air Quality Mgmt.OwnsClark County Air Quality Division Air Monitoring Stations
OwnsClark County Dept of Air Quality Management
Clark County Regional Flood Control DistrictOwnsClark County/Las Vegas Area Weather Detection
OwnsRegional Flood Control District
Department of Public Safety – NHPOwnsDPS – Highway Patrol Dispatch
OwnsDPS – Highway Patrol Vehicles
Financial InstitutionsOwnsFinancial Institutions
Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayOwnsSpeedway JMC
Local TV and Radio Stations – MediaOwnsAmber/Silver Alert – Media
Local/County JurisdictionsOwnsLocal TOC/Public Works
National Weather ServiceOwnsNational Weather Service
Nevada DOT – District 1OwnsNDOT District 1 ATM Field Equipment
OwnsNDOT District 1 Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsNDOT District 1 EOC
OwnsNDOT District 1 Field Equipment
OwnsNDOT District 1 MCO Dispatch
OwnsNDOT District 1 MCO Vehicles
OwnsNDOT District 1 Rail Wayside Equipment
OwnsNDOT District 1 Road Operations Center
OwnsNDOT Freeway Service Patrol Vehicles
OwnsNDOT Parking Infrastructure
Nevada DOT – District 2OwnsNDOT District 2 Road Operations Center
Nevada DOT – District 3OwnsNDOT District 3 Road Operations Center
Nevada DOT – HeadquartersOwnsAmber/Silver Alert – NDOT
OwnsNDOT District 1 HAZMAT Service
OwnsNDOT Service Monitor System
OwnsNDOT Southern Nevada Toll Plaza
OwnsNDOT Southern Nevada Tolling System
OwnsNevada 511 CRS
OwnsNevada 511 IVR
OwnsNevada 511 Website/Mobile Application
Private Incident Response VehiclesOwnsIncident Response Vehicles
Private Information Service ProvidersOwnsPrivate Data Providers
OwnsPrivate Information Services Providers
Rail OperatorsOwnsPassenger and Freight Rail Operating System
RTC of Southern NevadaOwnsRTC FAST Archive Data User System
OwnsRTC FAST Field Equipment
OwnsRTC FAST Traffic Information Kiosks
OwnsRTC FAST Traveler Information Services
OwnsRTC Multimodal Infrastructure
OwnsRTC of Southern Nevada Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsRTC Supplemental Transit Programs
OwnsRTC Transit Fixed Route Dispatch
OwnsRTC Transit Fixed Route Interactive Voice Recognition
OwnsRTC Transit Fixed Route Vehicles
OwnsRTC Transit Paratransit Dispatch
OwnsRTC Transit Paratransit Interactive Voice Recognition
OwnsRTC Transit Paratransit Vehicles
OwnsTransit Fare Collection Station
OwnsTransit Kiosks
OwnsTransit Traveler Card
Southern Nevada CasinosOwnsCasino Field Devices
State of Arizona – ADOTOwnsArizona TOC
State of California – CaltransOwnsCaltrans TMC
State of Utah – UDOTOwnsUtah TMC
Towing and Recovery AgenciesOwnsPrivate Tow Dispatch
TravelersOwnsPersonal Communication Devices
OwnsTraveling Public – Mobile Device/Vehicles
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)OwnsUNLV
OwnsUNLV Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
University of Nevada Reno (UNR)OwnsUNR
US Forest ServiceOwnsLake Mead Field Equipment
OwnsMt. Charleston Field Equipment
OwnsMt. Charleston Management System
OwnsMt. Charleston Parking Infrastructure